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who am I? – Kelly, sometimes

I am Kelly, most of the time. Sometimes I am Kelly A.K., when I publish something I have written ( I have two published books in Spanish, links to follow). I am Kelly Aro when I do television (or did, I was in a science program in a PBS-like channel back home and yes, I am googleable, and yes, I did dress up as supergirl for one of the shows… no student of mine will ever see those videos). I am Kelly Aronowitz in my PhD in Comparative Literature (third year, working towards my first set of orals). I am Prof K. or Prof Aronowitz to my students at Baruch College where I teach a requirement literature course.

My area of research is erotic literature. i explore the second half if the 20th C onwards, although I do look and read back a lot.


I am just plain Kelly to my friend and family even though it is not a very typical Mexican name. Did I mention I am Mexican? yeah, I could have fooled you, or most anybody. I usually bet my nationality and win, always.

I am also a translator and do live interpretation on all sorts of subjects.

You can find me in most social medias as awokenbeauty

links to my books: