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Miriam Posner Talk on “How Did They Make That?”

Hi everyone, you may have already seen this but just in case not: Miriam Posner will be speaking this Thursday 3/27 at 6:30pm at the Grad Center on reverse engineering digital projects, sponsored by the Digital Humanities Initiative. If you enjoyed the blog post of hers that we read earlier this semester, I’m sure the talk will be great. Note that you’ll need to register for the talk — more info and the registration link is here:

Author Rights Workshop 3/28

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know about an event at the Grad Center next Friday, March 28th. Jill Cirasella, Associate Librarian for Public Services and Scholarly Communication at the GC, will be offering a workshop on author rights in publishing. From the workshop description:

When you publish a journal article, you sign a copyright agreement. Do you know what you’re agreeing to when you sign it?
How can you find out a journal’s policy? How can you negotiate your contract to make the most of your rights as a scholar, researcher, and author? Come learn how to preserve your rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the work you create.

Find more details on the Open Access @ CUNY blog.

Navigation Tweaks

To Kelly’s point in her last post, we’re witnessing taxonomy vs. folksonomy in action on our course site as we all strive to pick the most appropriate categories and tags for our posts. I think we should keep on as we have been, though I do have one change to propose. In order to keep the details (that is, instructions) for your assignments easily findable, I created a new category named Assignment Details that Michael and I will use for your assignment instructions only. How does that sound?

(And in order to keep the top navigation bar to one line in a desktop browser, I moved the Course Group link to the right sidebar, just in case you’re looking for it.)

Additional Mapping, Augmented Reality, and Open Educational Resources

Hi everyone, a number of links to resources that might be useful for you have recently come my way:


Other Resources

Finally, here’s the link to more info on the open educational resources program being held at the GC on Friday 3/7 at 10am that I mentioned in our last class. RSVP by 2/27.

Short notice on two dana boyd book talks this week

dana boyd is giving two NYC book talks about her new book:

NYU Institute for Public Knowledge Tuesday (tomorrow): on Wednesday:

The Wednesday talk conflicts with the skill session, so try to go tomorrow, especially if you are interested in the use of technology/social media by youth/teens.