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Christina’s Brief Bio

Hi All,

I’m a third year student in the Psychology Program on the Developmental track. I’ve been involved in a few research projects surrounding social networking sites, specifically looking at how students learn about, join, and navigate sites like Facebook. I’ve also been involved with projects designed to facilitate learning through the use of online and offline gaming environments.

This is my fourth time teaching a Human Development class at Hunter for 160(ish) students. Although technology is never consistently available in my classroom, I’m particularly interested in helping students to use their out-of-class time more effectively. I enjoyed the theory from last semester, but I’m excited to learn and directly implement some of the tools that we’ll be covering this semester.

who am I? – Kelly, sometimes

I am Kelly, most of the time. Sometimes I am Kelly A.K., when I publish something I have written ( I have two published books in Spanish, links to follow). I am Kelly Aro when I do television (or did, I was in a science program in a PBS-like channel back home and yes, I am googleable, and yes, I did dress up as supergirl for one of the shows… no student of mine will ever see those videos). I am Kelly Aronowitz in my PhD in Comparative Literature (third year, working towards my first set of orals). I am Prof K. or Prof Aronowitz to my students at Baruch College where I teach a requirement literature course.

My area of research is erotic literature. i explore the second half if the 20th C onwards, although I do look and read back a lot.


I am just plain Kelly to my friend and family even though it is not a very typical Mexican name. Did I mention I am Mexican? yeah, I could have fooled you, or most anybody. I usually bet my nationality and win, always.

I am also a translator and do live interpretation on all sorts of subjects.

You can find me in most social medias as awokenbeauty

links to my books:


Pamela Thielman

Pamela Thielman is a second-level PhD student in Theatre at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Areas of research include Baroque theatre and performance, history of scenography, and theories of cultural encounter. Currently, she teaches Introduction to Theatre at Baruch College. She also holds an MFA in Dramaturgy from Columbia University School of the Arts and works as a freelance dramaturg.