why is it I keep losing track of the posts?

It took me a few minutes to find the exact description for this week’s assignment… and then I have an extra ten minutes looking for MIchael’s post on personas, including the search window on the top right and nothing…

I know that if you know how to look for things within the site they are all there, but at the same time, they aren’t, or I am still unsure of how to look for things.

have a lovely day



4 thoughts on “blindfulness

  1. Maura A. Smale (she/her)

    Also remember that when you get the email notifications of a new post on the course site or change to the course group, you can always click the link in the email to go directly to the post or group (for best results, login to the Commons first). If you’ve turned off your email notifications you might find it useful to turn them back on for our course group and site.

  2. Silvana Ramos


    I had the same problem 🙂

    If you go to “Assignments” at the top of the page and scroll all the way down, you’ll see the guidelines there. It’s the second one from the bottom. Because newer posts show up first, that stuff got a buried.

  3. Joshua Belknap (He/him/his)

    Hi Kelly,

    I understand what you are talking about. I find I need to do a little searching around to find what I’m looking for here. Luckily I usually tend to find it. Perhaps the categories are a bit fuzzy, and sometimes we (or, certainly sometimes I) post in the wrong section. Assignments? Discussion? Home? At least I’ve not yet posted in the “About” or “Professors” sections.
    To my knowledge.
    Maura and Michael have clarified these categorical questions before, but there may still be some confusion.

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