1 thought on “backup please

  1. Maura A. Smale (she/her)

    So sorry to hear it! Just thought it might be useful to repost here what I’d emailed (so this will be duplicate info for you, Kelly, but maybe of use to others?).

    I use Dropbox for my cloud backups mostly because it’s easy and not too expensive (I think I pay $100/yr), and I work on several collaborative projects that need to share files so that works best for us. I’ve also heard good things about SpiderOak — it’s apparently more secure than Dropbox, but I haven’t changed over because I’m already heavily invested in Dropbox for collaboration.

    If you use a Mac you might check out SuperDuper for backing up to an external hard drive. It creates a bootable backup so if you have a hard drive failure it can tide you over for a little while. The first time you run it the backup takes a while, but after that it only backs up files that have changed so it’s pretty fast (I run it every evening).

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